Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 2 I'm kidding. It wasn't that bad. The kids slept until 6:45! That's what time I had my alarm set for anyway. My sisters youngest actually slept through the night which is not a common thing for him. I was pretty happy about that. Tristan woke up in a great mood....Mackenzie however did not. She walked down the stairs looking CRAZY! Curly hair all poofed up and the grumpiest scour on her face. She was kinda in a mood the whole day! I think it was cause she went to bed too late last night and didn't sleep well the night before. Her and Tristan bickered pretty much the whole time they were together. Her mood drastically improved shortly before dinner time. She ate her food and was a happy camper. Sadly Tristan took a turn for the worse. He wanted to play his game boy instead of eat dinner. He had a breakdown when I told him he had to eat 4 bites of his dinner. Then he ran into the playroom and started to have a fit. I told him he had 2 choices.....throw his tantrum in his room or eat 4 bites of food. He went to his room. He then came down ate his food and then was off to play his gameboy. Just as that happened Mackenzie decided it was her turn. She started to have a tantrum because she wanted to play MOM to the babies and they didn't want to listen to her. When I told her to leave them to play she threw a 30 minute full blown tantrum. She knew I would make her go to her room, so she just went before she started. By the time she finished she was exhausted.
I used the last of the milk this morning and REALLY didn't want to take 4 kids to the store. I called my step mom and she said she would bring some by on her way home from work. She arrived shortly after Mackenzie finished her fit. They were all happy to see her. By the time she left it was bedtime! Mackenzie passed out in about 2 seconds flat. Tristan went down no problem.....and both babies just laid down and went right to sleep. I'm not what I did to deserve that but I am thanking my stars for it!
The best part of today was this morning after dropping the two older kids off at school. I headed to my brothers house for a play date with my sister in law and their little boy (who is 3 weeks older than Devin) the boys had so much fun together. We don't really get the chance to have just the 3 boys play. It started snowing when we were there so we bundled them up and went out side. It took close to 40 minutes to get them all dressed to go outside....we were out for about 10! I guess thats just how it goes!
I'm looking forward to a great day tomorrow too. Planning to hang out with my sister in law again, but this time with all of the kids. Not sure what we will do but surely it will be a blast.


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