Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What are your favorite diapers?

I have progressively changed my favorite diaper several times in my cloth diapering journey. When I started cloth diapering I purchased several cheap pocket diapers off of eBay, a FLIP stay dry day pack, and some unbleached Indian prefolds. I then added a FLIP organic. I fell in love with the Flip system and I was amazed at how dry my son stayed! I loved how absorbent the organic inserts were. I was surprised that even the prefolds did a pretty good job of keeping him dry and not leaking (despite being a bit bulky.) I really loved cloth diapering in general and I could not wait to add to my stash. My next addition to our stash was Grobaby. I really wanted to love these diapers...but just found they didn't work for us. I then sold the Grobaby's and purchased a couple Rumparooz. The Rumparooz quickly became my favorite diaper. I purchased several more as seconds knowing there was a chance of delamination. When the new Fuzzibunz Perfect size came out I got a couple of them to try. They were great and have actually become my go to diaper. Just wondering what are your some of your favorites? I wonder if I will stick with my Fuzzibunz or will something else take its place? 


QueenB said...

try gogogreen pockets. or wait a few weeks and enter to win - but oh, they are awesome. the prints are to.die.for and the price is marvelous!

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Heather Irwin said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been thinking about trying them...just gotta do it!

kellyr78 said...

I used fuzzibunz with my daughter during the day and disposables at night. They lasted really well for a year or so, but then the elastics started going... I still managed to get another year out of them.. I fixed the elastics and passed them on.

Joyce said...

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Grace Matthews said...

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