Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bottle Free?

My big boy is almost 16 months old and I have decided its time to do away with the bottle. He has always taken water and juice from a cup but I could never get him to drink milk out of a sippy cup. He is down to one bottle because he bit a hole in all of his nipples and I refuse to buy more. The other day I just decided we were going to be done with it. Day 1 was rough. Since I wouldn't give him a bottle he repeatedly tried to rip my shirt off to get to the boob (we are working on breaking that too but its harder to take away). I was kind of worried cause he only drank a half sipppy cup of milk that first day....but he ate a ton of food to make up for it! Yesterday was better. He did throw a few fits and tried to pull my shirt off a few times. I am working today and tomorrow and REALLY hope my husband is not giving in and letting him have his bottle (hear that honey....I know you are reading this!!!) Wish me luck! I'm thinkin in a few days he will forget all about the bottle.....then maybe we can work on forgetting about the boob! LOL

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jade & Pearl Sea Sponge Tampon Review

When I started cloth diapering my baby, it was partially about being green and partially about keeping chemicals off his skin. I had no idea it was leading me to a greener life overall. So I guess one green product leads to another. I decided it was worth giving natural menstrual products a try. Gloria from Jade and Pearl was kind enough to send me two of their Premium Sea Sponge Tampons. I decided to do a comparison between the regular and premium sponges as well, so I purchased a pair of their regular sponges.

Some facts on Jade & Pearl Sea Sponges

  • Sea Pearls are 100% Natural and Reusable
  • Sea Pearls can be reused for 6 months or more
  • The are easy to use, economical and Earth Friendly
  • Their texture is much like the vaginal wall
  • Sea Pearls are naturally very absorbent
  • Can be left in during sex. You can even use Spermicide with them!
  • Sea Pearls can help lessen the intensity of menstrual cramps
  • Easy to clean (there are many cleaning options such as baking soda, sea salt, tea tree oil, peroxide, apple cider vinegar or Colloidal Silver)
  • On Heavy flow days you can use 2 sponges at a time
  • Sponges can be rinsed out and reused immediately

Regular Sea Pearls
Premium Sea Pearls

Looking at the sponges I could see a difference between the regular and premium. The Premium Sponges are much softer, but don't get me wrong, the regular sponges are soft too. For the small price difference ($2.00) I would recommend upgrading to the premium sponge.
The first time I used my Sea Pearls I had a little trouble inserting it. I finally got it after a little trial and error. Once it was in position I couldn't even feel it. After a little while I noticed that it had moved so I decided to try again. The second time I got it in right. I truly could not feel a thing. It is so comfortable! For the first day it seemed like each time I would insert it, it got easier and easier. It's crazy to thing that I was so scared to try these out! Of course I was also scared to use tampons again after I had my son! Thankfully I only used tampons for one cycle before I got to try these out.
I was also a little worried about removing them. I thought it would be hard. I was really surprised that they came out very easily. Jade & Pearl do say that you can sew a piece of waxed dental floss to the sponge if you would like, but I didn't really see the need.
I am so happy  Gloria gave me a chance to review these! I will be using them from here on out. I have always had severe menstrual cramps, especially on my first day. Since I have only used these for one cycle I can't say for sure but I am pretty sure they made me not have cramps. I absolutely love finding products that I am passionate about. These are one of those products for me. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you Gloria for helping us reduce our footprint just a little more!

Jade & Pearl offers quite a selection of other natural products and gifts too. Check out there online catalog HERE

Jade and Pearl provided me with a sample of their Sea Sponge tampons free of charge for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

**CLOSED**Bummas Review & Giveaway ENDS 3/6

For quite some time I have been going back and forth between cloth wipes and disposables. I love that with cloth I am not throwing anything away, and its really nice to not have that one wipe that ends up in the washer with my cloth diapers! I finally decided to fully make the switch and rid my life of disposable wipes! I was thrilled when Bummas agreed to let me host a review & giveaway! They sent me a set of the Wild Ones. The colors are so vibrant!

At first I thought they looked a little small compared to some of the wipes I have used, but after using them a few times I think they are the perfect size. There are so many uses for these wipes, I find myself reaching for them for almost any baby related cleanup I have.
The two sides have different textures. One is more of a scrubby texture and the other is nice and soft, as you can see in the pictures below.
Soft Side (above) Scrubby Side (Below)

Here are just a few of the things I find Bummas are great for:
-Drape one over private parts to avoid a "sneak attack" mid diaper change
-Either wet a wipe or use wipe solution for a quick cleanup of a messy diaper
-Use dry wipe to pat baby dry before putting new diaper on to prevent diaper rash
-Catch a runny nose
-Clean up a messy baby after a meal
-Clean up small spills
I'm sure I will come up with more uses as time goes on!

Bummas are 100% Cotton. They are super soft terry cloth and are very absorbent. Since Bummas leave baby's bum nice and dry there is no need for powders or rash creams. They are great for sensitive skin and my favorite part of all....they are Eco Friendly! They have several color combinations to choose from....I'll be buying some more just to get the other colors!

Buy ItHead over to the Bummas Website and order some! You can get a 10 pack for $16.99

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Bummas provided a sample of their product at no charge for review purposes. All opinions expressed are strictly my own!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

*CLOSED*Skoy Cloth Review and Giveaway

Did you know that approximately 2.5 million tons of paper towels make their way into our landfills each year? I was blown away by this little statistic! In an effort to become more green I have decided to stop buying paper towels, but I wasn't sure what the best option for replacing them was. Then I came across Skoy Cloth. Skoy Cloth was created by two stay-at-home moms from California. They are made from cellulose (which is derived from wood) and cotton. It is 100% biodegradable, absorbent, and re-usable. It can be cleaned several ways. It is dishwasher safe, so you can just toss it in when you run the dishwasher. It is also washer and dryer safe or you can microwave it (while wet!) to disinfect it.

Over time these towels will start to breakdown. Skoy recommends "downgrading" them to floor towels and then outdoor use towels. Once you are done using the towel it can be composted and will break down completely in about 5 weeks!

You can find more information about their Use and Care at

I have been using my Skoy Cloths for a week now and am amazed at how they are holding up. I have washed them several times and they are still standing strong. I love having these cloths around. I find myself reaching for them more and more each day. I would recommend these cloths to anyone that has anything to clean! They are just so handy to have around.

Buy It You can purchase a 4 pack on Amazon for $6.99

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Disclosure: This product was provided 100% free of charge for review purposes only. Opinions expresses are completely my own!