Meet Me

My name is Heather. I am a mostly stay at home mom to my 14 month old son. Before I had him I was a Hotel Manager. I loved my career and never thought I would give it up. Then my whole world changed when I had my son. I fell immediately in love with him and didn't think I could stand to be away from him. I went back to work for a bit, but long story short I decided to give it up and spend all my time with my boy! When I decided to stay home I decided there was no reason I should be using disposables. I got my first cloth and was addicted. I love my fluff and my only regret is not starting sooner! You can bet I will be using cloth from day 1 with our next baby!
This is my husband. He is an all around crazy guy. He is such a great daddy! He works hard so I can be home with our boy!

And my Little Tank! This is Aiden. He is very crazy, outgoing and all around a very sweet little boy.

So that is our little family! I hope you enjoy following me and watching our family grow!