Sunday, March 6, 2011

GroBaby Review

 Since I really liked the Flip System I thought I would love these diapers! I love the color options because they are so vibrant. I also really liked the fact that the insert snaps in so it can't slide around if you have a wiggly baby!
These diapers have a very trim fit and a low rise. I like the rise to come up a little higher since I have a boy but I think if I had a girl it would have worked well. I have known many people that like these diapers but they were not the right option for us. My son is chubby and it seemed like I could never get a good leak free fit. As you know by now I'm not crazy about the Aplix closure. When I bought these diapers I don't think they were available in a snap closure. It has been quite some time since I used them. They changed the name to GroVia. The GroVia diapers have an option for snap closure and color/print options have expanded. I would really like to give GroVia a try to see what the differences are.
The aplix closure seemed to be pretty good. It was soft, so if it ever did rub up against baby's skin it wouldn't hurt them. It seemed to wear well, but I did have problems with the laundry tabs staying closed. Since the tabs would open in the washer and dryer it did cause pilling on the diapers. Over time the tabs did curl a bit but it wasn't too bad.
The only insert I ever used with my GroBaby Diapers was the organic cotton insert. It was absorbant, but not as absorbant as some of organic cotton inserts I have used. GroBaby also offered a disposable insert option.

GroBaby diapers were a one size diaper that adjusted with a snap down rise. They were a bit smaller than most one size diapers I have used. I have heard they work well on babies that are not too chunky!

I really liked the idea of these diapers and was really sad that they did not work out for us. I would definately be willing to give GroVia a try in hopes that I could get a better fit. I ended up selling all of my GroBaby diapers on DiaperSwappers. The mommy that purchased the diapers loved them! It just shows that different diapers work better for some people than others!


Jenny said...

Awesome blog! Love your honest reviews! I always wanted to try cloth diapers, but I'm a little worried about the laundry part. I'll def. be keeping up with you!

Found you on the blog hop! I’m your newest follower!

Sew Me Mine said...

Found you through mailbox monday! I voted for you on picket fence blogs, and subscribed via email and am now a follower :)

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