Friday, March 4, 2011

Flip System Review

Flip System

The first diapers I purchased. These diapers came highly recommended by both moms that were new to Cloth Diapers and moms that had been CDing for some time.

What I Love: 
These diapers are a GREAT way to get your stash started! You can purchase 2 covers and with six inserts for $49.95 for the Stay Dry or $59.95 for the Organic. (If you watch they will also offer $10 off your first diaper purchase every so often!)
These diapers are also easy to use. The cover can be reused several times before being washed. You just take out the wet insert, wipe out the cover and place a new insert in it! If the cover gets dirty (i.e. poop on it!) just toss it in the washer. The Manufacturer recommends line drying, which I normally do. I have thrown them in the dryer many times though and they seem to stand up just fine on medium heat. 

These covers also work well with prefold diapers. Prefolds are relatively inexpensive and can really help bulk up your stash in the beginning. Another great option the Flip System offers is a disposable insert. I personally never used them but could see how they would be a good option if you were traveling or are new to using cloth diapers. 

The Flip Cover is a one size cover that will grow with your baby. They fit from 7-35lbs. They are easy to use, like many One Size diaper they adjust with a snap rise. My son was 
Closure: Flip covers come in your choice of Snap or Aplix closure. I AM NOT A FAN OF APLIX!!! It has nothing to do with brands....just my preference. Aplix works great for some people, but not for us! That being said I would recommend these diapers in a Snap Closure

Color: Here is a link to the CottonBabies page that has the color chart


Stay Dry (Right) VS Organic (Left)- I like both of these inserts. The Stay Dry insert truly does keep babies bottoms dry! That is something I noticed the very first time I changed a Flip diaper. The Stay Dry Suede does a great job of wicking water through it into the Microfiber layers. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Organic insert! It is more absorbent than I ever could have imagined. It is perfect for night time. My son is a heavy wetter, but this insert will last him through the night. Since I normally use pocket diapers now I will stuff it in the pocket instead of a regular insert. This insert looks more like a Trifold or a prefold diaper. I was surprised at how soft this insert was. I have found some organic cotton inserts can be rough, but this one is still soft after being used for almost a year.

Where to buy: Most online cloth diaper retailers carry these diapers. Here are a couple of my fav retailers 
Abbys Lane (Free Shipping! Join their Yahoo Group to get monthly discount codes!)
Kelly's Closet (Free Shipping on orders over $49 and Monthly specials!)

Through time I have become a pocket diaper user, but I do still occasionally use my Flips. They are great for travel because they are not bulky. They have a very trim fit on baby....most cloth diapers are a little bulky. The color options are great because they have a lot of colors that won't be seen through clothes.....unless you want them to be! 


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