Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bottle Free?

My big boy is almost 16 months old and I have decided its time to do away with the bottle. He has always taken water and juice from a cup but I could never get him to drink milk out of a sippy cup. He is down to one bottle because he bit a hole in all of his nipples and I refuse to buy more. The other day I just decided we were going to be done with it. Day 1 was rough. Since I wouldn't give him a bottle he repeatedly tried to rip my shirt off to get to the boob (we are working on breaking that too but its harder to take away). I was kind of worried cause he only drank a half sipppy cup of milk that first day....but he ate a ton of food to make up for it! Yesterday was better. He did throw a few fits and tried to pull my shirt off a few times. I am working today and tomorrow and REALLY hope my husband is not giving in and letting him have his bottle (hear that honey....I know you are reading this!!!) Wish me luck! I'm thinkin in a few days he will forget all about the bottle.....then maybe we can work on forgetting about the boob! LOL