Saturday, March 5, 2011

BumGenius 3.0

 BumGeniuse 3.0s were my next step in my intro to cloth diapers. I had a coupon for buy one get one free so I was all about getting them! Overall I do like these diapers. I found them very easy to use and experienced very few leaks. In the beginning these were my night time diapers. I purchased them in Aplix closure because the only store that sells them locally did not have a snap option available. Being new to cloth diapers I initally liked the aplix closure. It was really easy to get a good fit, even in the middle of the night when I was half awake! Also, since I was used to sposies, the aplix closure made for an easy transition. Though I liked the aplix in the beginning I did notice that it wears quickly. Also the laundry tabs don't always hold when the diaper is in the washer or dryer, so the diaper has become a little pilly over time. I don't use this diaper often because snaps work best for us. From the time my son was about 7 months old he has been able to pull apart the aplix, so if I do put him in this diaper he must be fully dressed! Aside from the closure I do like this diaper. I have often thought of sending it in to have a snap conversion but...I'm just too lazy! I really do think I will send it in since I plan on using it for baby number 2 in the future. I love that this diaper never causes red marks on my son's skin and he always seems to be comfortable in it. If I would have purchased these diapers in a snap closure I would use them a lot more....maybe someday I will be motivated enough to send them in for the conversion!

Color Options:
Here is the BumGenius Color chart....all the same colors as the Flip System since both diapers are made by Cottonbabies.
Diaper Insert:
This diaper comes with a microfiber insert and a booser (aka newborn insert). I really like that the insert snaps down to adjust to the size depending on which rise setting you have the diaper on. The insert is as absorbant as any microfiber insert I have used and my sons skin always stays dry. I have also used hemp and organic cotton inserts in this diaper. It makes the diaper very trim and leak free!
These diapers have 3 rise options. They get pretty small on the smallest setting. My son is still on the medium rise and he is 24lbs and 16 months old. The diapers are designed to fit from 8-35ish pounds. I have no doubt that these will fit my little guy until he is potty trained!

Since BumGenius introduced their newest diaper "The 4.0" its hard to find these diapers. The 4.0 is similar to the 3.0 but has some improved features and more color options. I'll be reviewing that one very soon since I just purchased my first 4.0!


Laura said...

New follower from the Weekend Blog Hop:) Look forward to reading more of your blog.


diana said...

nice job....Keep on testing Heather....I trust your judgement..